How to Heal Fear and Gain Contentment

What is this Website About?

This website is about how you can heal your fear. Fear of events, places, people. Fear of any kind. Fears that stop you from having the life you want. Are you overwhelmed and fearful of living, of being the person you want to be ? You can learn how to understand the fear you have, heal it, learn from it and leave it behind. When you leave your fear behind you take control of your life. If you want to take control of you life, I can help you.

Fear comes from events and experiences in daily life,  the unexpected, your inner world. Sometimes you may not know why you are fearful but there are safe ways to find out. I use effective methods from the  pre buddhist Tibetan Dur Bon tradition to help you. They are easy to use and easy to apply once you  have learnt them.

I can offer you weekly or monthly coaching sessions or a six month programme that will enable you to deeply explore your fear and heal it once and for all. The coaching can help you immediately deal with fears at work or in relationships or in any daily situation that makes you fearful. The mentoring programme can take you to an in-depth understanding of all of your fears, heal them and make a new and rewarding life.

As you heal your fear you create contentment within you and in each aspect of your life. What does it mean to have contentment ? It means no anxiety, no worry ,no fear in all that you do because you are rooted strongly in yourself in your own inner power . This is life changing. Some of the methods I use are taken from my best selling book, The Tibetan Art of Serenity: How to Heal Fear and Gain Contentment. Many readers have told me how the methods in the book enabled them to heal their fears and go beyond them. If you feel that coaching or mentoring can help you email me to discuss this opportunity.

  • 'In Christopher Hansard the Dalai Lama meets Dr.Phil. He gives a modern-day spin to Tibet's ancient traditions of living and healing, retaining their purity yet making them accessible. We astrologers know that things aren't going to get easier; Christopher's wise techniques offer wisdom, help, and guidance for dealing with an increasingly challenging world.' Shelley von Strunckel

  • 'Hansard's authority and clarity provide an excellent introduction to Tibetan Bon medicine.' Library Journal

  • 'Christopher Hansard has made a fascinating and exciting contribution to our knowledge of things Tibetan by sharing his lifetime of training and practice in the Tibetan healing arts-a body of wisdom far older than Buddhism, but fully in harmony with its teachings. This knowledge is as valuable in today's stress-laden world as when it was developed ages ago. Lewis Richmond, author of Work as a Spiritual Practice

  • 'This man certainly practises what he preaches. If recent events illustrate the creeping sickness pervading our world, perhaps he is among the few who not only have a rare insight into reversing the decline but possess a profound conviction that the prognosis is good. ' Jenni Ameghino, The Birmingham Post

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  • 'Christopher unblocked the pain of the rape which I'd buried along with a lifetime of lesser unresolved hurts. I began to see that my life had somehow got out of balance, that I was frightened of my own emotions, that something inside had become disconnected and this was my chance to do something about it-to gain rather than lose from a terrible act of violation.' Fliss Coombs, The Daily Telegraph

  • 'Now, don't all rush. Hansard's gentle, holistic approach might just be the ticket.' Rose Shepherd, The Sunday Times Magazine

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