Heal Your Fear

Fear is everywhere. Fear influences how people act and how people behave and what they believe. Fear overwhelms people. Do you feel overwhelmed by your fears ? You don’t have to be. The ancient Tibetan Dur Bon tradition states that there are two categories of fear. The first is of the  everyday mind, those fears that are within you and the second is of the material world, those things that make it possible for you to have a life. These two merge together becoming one experience.  Let us look at the twelve fears:

  1. The Fear of Being Yourself
  2. The Fear of Other People
  3. The Fear of Power and Control
  4. The Fear of Love
  5. The Fear of Loneliness
  6. The Fear of Fear Itself
  7. The Fear of Death and Dying
  8. The Fear of Success and Failure
  9. The Fear of Poverty and Wealth
  10. The Fear of the Future and What It will Bring
  11. The Fear of Achievement and Self-Esteem
  12. The Fear of War and Illness

Some of these fears you might relate to or they might bring up other fears. For these twelve lie at the heart of the majority of people’s fears. Your fear encourages you to stay stuck where you are. All fear can come to an end, leaving you the experience of a serene mind and a serene life.  You are able to solve problems, find solutions and create resolutions to your fear. This brings balance and success in all your activities. If you are fearful I encourage you to heal your fears and get your life back. You have the right to a life free of fear. It is up to you. If you want to free yourself from fear I can help you.  Whatever you fears are I can show you how to overcome them. If you would like to know more about how I can help you please send me an email in the 'Consult with Christopher' section of my website.